About Us


We value clear and respectful communication. We want our clients to understand what’s happening and be an informed part of the the whole process, not just click agree on a hundred page form and never hear from us again. We make it a point to be accessible and available. We want to hear your questions. We don’t need you to be construction experts and won’t talk over your head. We want to build spaces you want to be in.


Working together is essential for a project to not only result in a great final product, but also to feel fun and harmonious.

A great home comes from a collaboration between customer, nature, designer and builder. We need to work together to make that happen, and working together is an art and skill that takes practice.

We play well with others.


We design with safety, health and environment in mind for the full life-cycle of the building (construction, lifespan, disposal). We build spaces that harmonize humans and the elements: air, water, light, heat ~ i.e. spaces that support life. Modern construction involves finding a balance of health for the people and health for the planet. We’re mindful of sustainability and environmental impact, without sacrificing quality or cost.


Our team is comprised of wonderful people including (but not limited to): men, women and folks who don’t identify as either, folks with light skin, folks with dark skin, folks in-between, gay/straight/other folks, folks for whom English is not their first language, Northerners, Southerners, foreigners, Buddhists, Christians, Hindu’s, Rastafarians, Agnostics etc. What we all share is a deep-seated need to work, live and help others live in integrity— to build beautiful, healthy spaces in a way that nourishes life.

Speed, quality & cost

Construction is subject to the laws of physics (Newtonian primarily), and also the triangular Law of Speed-Quality-Cost. Pick any two: if you want it fast and high quality, it’ll be expensive. If you want it high quality and inexpensive, it’ll take a long time. If you want it fast, crappy and inexpensive, we are not the right fit for you. We stand behind what we build.

Michael Hurd

I took an interest in construction early in life. As a boy, I loved building dams in the creek at my grandfathers farm in upstate New York. After studying physics and mathematics in high school and college, I wandered and found yoga, intentional communities, hospice work and zen practice. My first paid construction job was as a helper on a crew in Massachusetts building houses.

I spent 2 years in residential zen training at The Rochester Zen Center and then moved to Asheville and practiced 6 more years at Windhorse Zen Community.

Over the years, my company has grown into a network of like-minded individuals and teams that share a common value of building things the right way – with emphasis on quality, longevity, environmental impact, efficiency and clear communication. We want the end product, and the process to get there, to be right and feel right.

Right Building is a reference to the eightfold Buddhist path, which includes Right Livelihood: making sure that one’s profession is in alignment with the principles and ethics of practice. Our network is composed of folks who care about what they do, who are allergic to cutting corners, who build for others they would build for themselves and who live and embody their values in their work.

Practice = Life = Practice = Life


Two years ago I was having a drainage problem. My driveway slopes down sharply from the cul de sac in front of my home and ends at my garage… 

Michael came up with the solution, arranged for more than one sub-contractor to perform the work and coordinated their efforts. Everybody who worked on the project was thoroughly competent and easy to get along with.  

Michael’s price was more than fair.  And the job was completed exactly when he said it would be… My drainage problem is gone. I trust this young man implicitly and heartily recommend Right Building for any project you might have in mind. – Dennis M.

You will absolutely reap the benefits of Michael’s commitment to quality work, combined with clear and transparent communication. I felt respected and listened to every step of the way.

I will be ever grateful I turned to Right Building to help me realize my home renovation vision, the results of which are more beautiful than I even imagined.

Although a complex project with a tight budget, it was so worth doing! Michael cares that his sub-contractors are people of integrity who bring a high level of craftsmanship to their work, and they enjoy working for him. – Conway W.

Michael Hurd, along with project manager Aaron Maret and a great crew, completed a renovation on my Asheville townhouse that included a kitchen remodel (walls were removed to create an open plan), popcorn removal from the ceilings, all new flooring, and a gorgeous master bath with a new skylight… 

… They were conscious of my budget, and came up with some clever solutions to the inevitable issues that pop up when working in an old house… 

… Using creativity and professional skill, Michael and Aaron collaborated with me to achieve exactly what I was hoping for. It’s a great house now! I really enjoyed working with them. – Paulette W.


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