The Timeless Way of Building
A Pattern Language

Three books we highly recommend:

The Timeless Way of Building

A Pattern Language

Probably the most important additions to the spirit and science of building. These books describe a design process that flows intuitively from the end user(s) and supports the cultivation of that elusive, but tangible sense of when a space feels ‘right.’ We recognize it right away and we can tell when it’s there or not, but articulating it can be a challenge.

The Timeless Way of Building describes how we can do just that.

A Pattern Language is a bold initial foray into describing some of these life-supporting-nourishing patterns and how they may show up in cities, towns and buildings. Brilliant work.

Our past customers who have embraced these processes are now enjoying homes that beautifully reflect their own values and needs.

The Timeless Way of Building
Building Green: A Complete How To Guide to Alternative Building

Building Green explains natural building without ignoring modern construction, examining both without bias towards old or new. Most natural building books focus on one or a few natural building technique(s) without giving essential context that is needed to evaluate if that method is appropriate for your site or climate etc. This book is great, and ~ bonus ~ it was written by two local authors so their info is particularly appropriate for western North Carolina.


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